How to insert a concealed zip – video workshop

How to insert a concealed zip - downloadable video workshop
Whether it’s called concealed or invisible you shouldn’t see it! If you would like to know how to insert a concealed zip easily download our video workshop to achieve zipper perfection.

You will be sent a video explaining the process in detail along with a worksheet to keep.

The most modern of fastenings, they don’t spoil the look of your garment but they are a bit tricky to do well. 

Jane will take you through her ‘no brainer’ method (a student’s description). It will most probably be a different method if you’ve done one in the past. There will be more steps. There will be tacking but, your zip will be invisible. It won’t stick up at the top or be so low it needs a hook and bar.

Crucially, there will be no pucker at the bottom all because of the ‘magic pin’!

We suggest you watch and stitch a sample first. To do the this you will need:

  • A 9 inch/22cm invisible zip
  • Two pieces of fabric 8 inches/20cm x 20 inches/50cm – cut on the straight grain and not stretchy. A thicker fabric will make it easier.
  • A sewing machine threaded up and ready to go.
  • A tape measure
  • Scissor
  • Unpicker
  • A concealed zipper foot for your machine (we recommend you use a branded foot)
  • Hand needle
  • Tacking thread
  • Pins
  • You will also need the ‘magic pin’!
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Course difficulty rating suitable for all levels of sewer
  • Cost: £6.99 which includes a video of and printable worksheet.

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Downloadable workshop terms and conditions:

  • The workshop will be emailed via a WeTransfer link after you have paid. Please allow up to 24 hours for this.
  • The video and worksheet are for your use only and must not be shared with other parties without permission.

Thanks so much Jane, I enjoyed the workshop, it worked really well. I found the process much easier but more importantly I understood the steps much better.