Fitting sewing patterns

online fitting sewing patterns workshop

Fitting Sewing Patterns – Our Fitting Surgery!

Are you unhappy or frustrated with the fit of your garments but unsure why? Don’t despair, this will all change after our Fitting Sewing Patterns Course.

We will cover:

Taking accurate body measurements

It all starts with accurate body measurements. Commercial patterns use the bust, waist and hip and a standard body measurement chart. Jane takes twenty-four different measurements explaining why and how they affect fit.

Understanding your body shape

Patterns are usually cut to a standard figure (the hourglass) which doesn’t suit or fit other body shapes. When you understand which body shape you are you will find it easier to choose a style of pattern for you.

Choosing a sewing pattern

We will look at different styles and pattern manufacturers, standard measurement charts including the independents.

Fitting a sewing pattern

Discover the fitting alterations you can do before you cut out your pattern but …..

It’s all about the toile

Making and fitting a toile (fitting shell) is the key to fitting a sewing pattern.

What do you need for our online Fitting a Sewing Pattern Course? 

Any sewing patterns, toiles or garments you would like advice about.

Prior to the course we will send you a body measurement chart and body shape ‘calculator’

And don’t forget, whatever your shape or size we can all look fabulous. I am still seeking for the ‘mythical’ standard size!

We have changed the format of our Sew Short Course programme in 2023 to make it more flexible for you. Instead of specific course dates you can now book any of the courses as a Sew Personal session or a shared Sewing Bee workshop. The session is limited to one or two sewers giving you lots of tutor time.

If you would like to know more about making your own sewing patterns using your body measurements have a look at our Pattern Cutting courses.

Difficulty rating - suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Know I understand my shape and have a set of accurate body measurements I feel much more confident about choosing the best pattern and size for me. I will be trying out the fitting adjustments and for a better fit.