Couture Sewing Skills – an introduction

Hong Kong binding on a Chanel style jacket for a couture finish

The French term ‘Haute Couture’ translates as ‘high dressmaking’. It refers to the making of custom clothing. Made to the highest standard using traditional hand-construction techniques with painstaking design detailing. Our Couture Sewing Skills workshop will help you ‘sew couture’.

Couture Sewing Skills

  • couture fabrics
  • how to hand and machine stitch the finest silks to the heaviest wools with confidence
  • couture seams on delicate fabrics
  • hand stitches for a couture finish
  • couture fastenings
  • the couture supporting layers including the use of silk organza
  • invisible hems
  • weighted and double stitched hems
  • Hong Kong binding

Sew couture for a beautiful, professional finish!

We have changed the format of our Sew Short Course programme in 2023 to make it more flexible for you. Instead of specific course dates you can now book any of the courses as a Sew Personal session or a shared Sewing Bee workshop. The session is limited to one or two sewers giving you lots of tutor time.

Read Jo’s blog and discover the connection between Haute Couture and our home county of Lincolnshire.
It was the word ‘couture’ that got me wobbling; my largely self-taught skills were rusty so I was a bit apprehensive but I needn’t have worried. I learnt loads and my designs are more wearable for the inclusion of some niffty ‘couture’ tricks.