Couture Sewing Skills – an introduction

Hong Kong binding on a Chanel style jacket for a couture finish

The French term ‘Haute Couture’ translates as ‘high dressmaking’. It refers to the making of custom clothing. Made to the highest standard using traditional hand-construction techniques with painstaking design detailing. Our Couture Sewing Skills workshop will help you ‘sew couture’.

Couture Sewing Skills – an introduction

  • couture fabrics
  • how to hand and machine stitch the finest silks to the heaviest wools with confidence
  • couture seams on delicate fabrics
  • hand stitches for a couture finish
  • couture fastenings
  • the couture supporting layers including the use of silk organza
  • invisible hems
  • weighted and double stitched hems
  • Hong Kong binding

Sew couture for a beautiful, professional finish!

Read Jo’s blog and discover the connection between Haute Couture and our home county of Lincolnshire.
This course is for intermediate and advanced dressmakers.
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Sew Short Course and conditions:

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  • There will be an extra charge for tuition outside the course dates.
  • Jane White Couture Tuition reserves the right to cancel or change the date of courses.
  • Sewing machines and overlockers brought the studio must have a current PAT certificate. Use is at the discretion of the tutor.
  • The course fee includes materials unless otherwise stated.
  • The course information is an outline. Work completed during the session will depend on pre-existing skills and pace of work.
It was the word ‘couture’ that got me wobbling; my largely self-taught skills were rusty so I was a bit apprehensive but I needn’t have worried. I learnt loads and my designs are more wearable for the inclusion of some niffty ‘couture’ tricks.