What’s on in May ….

May’s here and we’ve had just a hint of summer. I’m looking forward to swapping my winter wardrobe for some summer fun. ‘The man with the van’ is visiting again on Friday with the promise of more cotton, linen and summery fabric loveliness!

But what to do with your new fabrics? or perhaps you are having a ‘stash-buster’ session? I’ve got some suggestions for workshops and courses to get you underway.
Sewing Bee Workshop - Jane White Tuiton
There are, of course, the friendly and fun Sewing Bee Workshops. Just book and pay for the dates that suit you. Come along and work on your own project amongst other dressmaking enthusiasts. Sewing in a group is a good way to get inspiration and support. www.janewhitetuiton.co.uk

The Sew Short Course programme in May and early June has exciting options to move your sewing onto the next level starting with Fabulous Finishing Techniques this Friday.

Fabulous Finishing Techniques
5 May
Do you feel the finish lets your garment down or you would like to try out some new ideas? Let me show you some of the insider secrets, pressing techniques and easy ‘couture’ tips for a fabulous, professional finish. www.janewhitetuiton.co.uk

Patchwork and Quilting for Beginners
6 & & MayPatchwork quilt - Jane White Tuition
A couple of places have become available with expert guest tutor Sheena if you would like to try something different or brush up your patchwork and quilting skills, Sheena will guide you through the basics getting you ready for the ‘beyond’. www.janewhitetuiton.co.uk

Tucks and Pleats
Tucks with ric rack braid - Jane White Tuition22 May
Fashion is full of fantastic detail at the moment – pleats and tucks are back! Sample tucks, from pin to wave to mock smocking. Learn how to add a perfect pleat to your pattern. Might it be inverted, box, knife or a classy Dior? www.janewhitetuiton.co.uk

How to adapt your pattern to other styles
19 May
I love a bit of pattern manipulation (to give it its technical term). Moving a dart to a different place, changing a dart into a seam, adding flare or gathers, lengthening, shortening, adding asymmetrical detail. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Armed with scissors, scrap paper and the crucial glue stick, you too can transform your sewing patterns to Advanced bodice pattern cutting - Jane White Tuitionsomething new and unique. No more buying a new pattern for every new style. janewhitetuition.co.uk

Advanced Pattern Manipulation
20 May
This course is for students who have completed How to adapt your pattern to other styles or have previously drafted basic garment blocks. I will help you explore more advanced techniques: adding revers, grading up a bodice block to a jacket, grading down to lingerie blocks, making a one-piece sleeve into a two-piece, and raglan sleeves. www.janewhitetuiton.co.uk

Pattern Cutting: basic garment blocks and manipulation techniques.
2 – 5 June
If you are fed up of commercial patterns that don’t give you the fit or style you would like, making your own patterns from the basic garment blocks of skirt, trousers, bodice and sleeve is the way ahead. I will help you use your body measurements to draft your own blocks and then try out manipulation techniques to transform them into garments that fit. janewhitetuition.co.uk

I hope there is something to tempt you!
If you would like any more information please just get in touch or click here for a copy the current Sew Short Course programme.

Happy summer sewing!