Browsing through the letters page in today’s Sunday Telegraph (11.1.15) I came across replies to a previous post asking which way buttonholes go on a garment – up and down or side to side.

I am often asked about this so here’s my take on it:

If your buttonholes are on a fabric band for example on the front of a shirt they should be vertical with the exception on the top/collar button. The bottom buttonhole can be horizontal to stop the bottom of your garment popping open.

Buttonholes not a fabric band for example on blouses, dresses and lighter weight garment can be vertical but if you have a fuller cup size machine them horizontally to stop them popping open. Also make sure you have a buttonhole level with your full bust point to prevent gaposis.

Buttonholes on jacket, coats and heavy weight garments are usually horizontal.

Tips:  Do not make the buttonhole too long, it should be the same length as the width of the button and you should have to really push the button through the first couple of times but it will loosen up.  If you have a fully automatic buttonhole foot on your machine put a button in the back that is lightly smaller than the one to be used on the garment as I find they make the buttonhole a bit big.  Test run the buttonhole first.

Hope that all makes sense!

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