A busy day again here at the Knitting and Stitching show at Event City, Manchester, February 2015. The overlocker easy-treading tutorials have, hopefully, cured numerous nervous ladies of their fear of threading and they can love their machines again.

The fitting surgery proves we are real women and the search for the mythical standard figure continues!

My glamorous assistant (hubby Jim) deserted his post in favour of North Ferriby Utd v Ebbsfleet in the quarter final of the FA Trophy. Well done boys on your 1-0 win and good luck in the semi’s.

Dont’ forget, if you are troubled by your overlocker I have a 2 hour induction session ‘Overlocking for beginners, new owners and the terrified! and a 2 day Making clothes using the overlocker. Don’t have an overlocker? not a problem, use one of ours.