Great British Sewing Bee – week 2

Claudia to Patrick and May “is that a hard task for programme 2?” Response – no! Hmmm, I thought it was but if you fancy having a go I hope my 6 top tips help.

Welt pockets (think breast pocket on a man’s suit) are a fabulous way to add interesting design to a garment.

  1. Add fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric behind the pocket placement area. This will add stability, strength and stop the fabric fraying when you snip. If your garment is canvassed, do this under the canvas.
  2. ‘Key-in’ the welt. Measure from the finished edge (not the cut edge) of the welt and tack a line along. This is the line attached to the garment. Do this and you will have a perfectly even welt when you have finished.
  3. Stitch on the welt without the pocket bag, you will be able to see what you are doing rather than working blind. The lining is easy to stitch on afterwards.
  4. The stitch line for the welt is the same length as the welt but the stitch line for the lining is fractionally shorter. Why? so that when you turn up the welt you will have fabric to stitch it to not a hole!
  5. Stitch the welt and lining from the centre out to the ends turning back to the centre. This will give you much firmer end stitches.
  6. You must snip right to the end of the stitching lines – be brave! use a small very sharp scissors! If you don’t snip far enough the corners of the pocket will be puckered.

Wonder what the Great British Sewing Bee technical challenge for week 3 will be!

I love sharing my ‘top tip’s with students. My aim is to make your sewing less stressful and more enjoyable. Have a look at my Sew Short Courses for construction inspiration.