A  Return to Glamour:  The Chanel Style Jacket

Vogue, the iconic fashion magazine, recently announced in its November 2017 edition, that Fashion is returning to its lush and glamourous roots.  The once mighty tomb of fashion, featured within its pages for the first time in a decade, a huge celebration of beautiful coats, ball gowns and a return to

Chanel style jacket by Eileen - Jane White Couture Tuition

Chanel style jacket by Eileen – Jane White Couture Tuition

classical office wear.

It was a beautiful sight to behold. I, for one, was nearly persuaded to resurrect my monthly subscription.

Thankfully, in the sewing world, we didn’t stray too far from the glamour and neither did the Pattern companies.

We all knew what we wanted to wear and it wasn’t out there in the high street. Where once we had beautiful high street, affordable tailoring from Jaeger, Quiset, Jigsaw, Jean Muir etc. it all disappeared to be replaced by less complicated constructions and as a consequence, a terrible fit.  Coco Chanel, I am sure, wouldn’t have been amused.

I truly believe that’s why we have seen an amazing resurgence of home sewing, the Great Sewing Bee and the recent reprinting of a slew of incredible Vintage patterns too.

These iconic patterns feature classic tailoring made of many different pieces, all designed to contour your body, flatter your shape and make you look like the chic Goddess you know you are!  Classical clothing, as we all know in our hearts, is timeless

So, imagine what it would be like to finally create your own hand sewn tailored jacket?

Thanks to modern technology and being able to see the construction methods of vintage clothing, we can now accurately construct our own jackets with that same fabulous air of glamour.

Your journey starts on the 5th of March 2018 with our Chanel Style Jacket – Pattern and Toile

workshop. You will use a commercial pattern with a panel bodice seam to produce a toile, correctly

Chanel Style jacket fitting - Jane White Couture Tuition

Chanel style jacket fitting – Jane White Couture Tuition

fitted to your body.

The following day, on 6th of March 2018 working on half a jacket, you will learn the construction methods and techniques to be able to produce your final garment at home.

Coco Chanel once famously declared, that “A woman should be two things: classy and fabulous”. That’s exactly what you’ll feel like once you’ve made your own Chanel Style Jacket.