Project Description

Sewing jersey fabric with an overlocker was on Kirsten’s sewing wish list.  She bought an overlocker and jersey fabric but didn’t know what to do with it.

Sewing jersey fabric with an overlocker – a bit of tuition

Tuition seemed the next logical step. Jane White Couture Tuition popped up on a Google search and was only a few miles from home! Starting with our How to use an overlocker three-hour workshop, Kirsten quickly got to grips with her machine.  She then progressed onto our Sewing with jersey fabric – Jersey day workshop.

Inspired and hooked

Kirsten has now made lots of fabulous jersey fabrics and introduced Jane to Patty Doo patterns. They are German but don’t worry, you get a translation!

Why not go on your own jersey journey, our Overlocking for the terrified two hour Sew Personal session is a very good starting point.