Project Description

Jersey Day Dress by Lizzie - Jane White Tuition

Jersey Day Dress by Lizzie – Jane White Tuition

Lizzie joined me for a session of the popular one-day course Jersey Day and made this fabulous dress.

We explored how to match jersey to sewing pattern (or pattern to jersey), identifying the different types of knit and jersey fabric, how to set up and use the overlocker, tape the shoulder seams, measure and apply a neck band.

Lizzie is so delighted with her new dress and new found skills that she has written a blog about it. Read more about Lizzie’s ‘So Glad I Found You Dress ‘ at

Inspired to make your own ‘So Glad I Found You Dress’ and learn how to use jersey and the overlocker? Take a look at my Sew Short Courses How to use an overlocker, Overlocking for the Terrified and, of course, Jersey Day.