Project Description

A toile is a mock up of the chosen garment. Traditionally made in cotton calico, it gives the dressmaker the opportunity to try out the garment, assess and adjust the fit and decide if it suits the wearer. However, you do need to see past the calico toile.

Vogue 1484 sewing pattern - Jane White Couture Tuition

Vogue 1484 – Jane White Couture Tuition

I used Zandra Rhodes Vogue 1484 but wanted colour which I found on Goldhawk Road in London.

It is never a waste of time or effort to make a calico toile and, even if the dressmaker decides to abandon the garment at the toile stage, think of your lovely fabric that hasn’t been used for something you are not going to love.

if you’d like to know more about using and fitting toiles pop along to the Sewing Bee Workshops or book onto a Fitting Surgery. I’m confident I’ll convert you to calico toiles!