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Janome has a wide range of machines to suit every level of sewer and pocket from the occasional user to passionate hobby sewers and professional seamstresses.

We hope this rundown of the Janome range will help guide you to your Janome dream machine!

There are 6 categories of machine: Mechanical, computerised, additional arm space/professional, overlocker and coverstitch and embroidery.

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General information about sewing machines

All machines have a needle and thread on the top and a bobbin with more thread (called a shuttle on very old machines) underneath.

The stitch on the top of the fabric comes from the needle and the stitch on the underside of the fabric comes from the bobbin. Separate stitches form when the 2 threads lock together.

All modern machines do a straight stitch and zig zag. Decorative stitches come as standard. The more expensive the machine the more decorative stitches it will do.

A buttonhole is also standard.

There are two fittings for the underneath bobbin.

The front loading bobbin where the bobbin fits into a metal case that is removed from the machine and then replaced with a bobbin wound with thread.

Top loading bobbin machines do not have a separate bobbin case. The bobbin is dropped into a space underneath the needle.

Mechanical Janome sewing machines

Even the most basic machine at the cheapest end of the price range will do lots of fabulous sewing.

Mechanical machines have manual controls. Dials or sliders operate the stitch length, width and other functions. You turn the dial or push along the slider to choose the settings required.

Computerised Janome sewing machines

These have a small computer LED screen. When stitched on they are on a default straight stitch (as opposed to mechanical machines which come one at whatever setting it was last on).

They tend to be quieter and offer a greater range of stitches and buttonholes.

They are a good step up if you are upgrading from a mechanical model.

Don’t be put off by the computer element. They are very easy to use, especially for new sewers, and it is rare for the ‘computer’ to fail.

Read our Top ten tips for buying a sewing machine Consider budget, what you sew, what you would like to sew, where you do your sewing and if it is to take out and about with you.

General information about overlockers

An overlocker isn’t a sewing machine. Think of it as a knitting machine with a knife!

Used to neaten seam edges but they will actually do so much more. They really come into their own for jersey garments.

Sew a seam, safety seam and neaten the raw edges – all in one go

Overlockers can have 2, 3 or 4 threads and use 1 or 2 needles.

3 and 4 thread overlocking comes as standard and you can sew a rolled hem as well.

The Janome easy lower looper threading system on the 6234XL makes it so much easier to re-thread. There are tricks of the trade for easy threading. Book Jane’s Overlocking for the Terrified 2-hour session to gain control and use your machine confidently.

Unlike a sewing machine, you will have to balance up the 4 tension dials for perfect stitching.

The differential feed smooths out wavy seam. It also flatten puckered seam.

An overlocker will never replace your sewing machine but it will enhance your sewing with a more professional finish.

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