The Scottish referendum wasn’t good for Alex Salmond but Nicola Sturgeon has emerged as an eloquent, immaculate, ‘powerful’ woman. I admit I have little interest in politics but I find the evolution of Nicola’s wardrobe fascinating and in the circular world of fashion I’ve seen a link.

There may be more women in politics these days but when Margaret Thatcher won the 1979 election it wasn’t just a landmark political moment for the first women Prime Minister but it also became a pivotal fashion moment.

Girls, how do you compete in a grey-suited men’s world? You power dress! Mrs Thatcher’s wardrobe quickly evolved, love her or loath her you couldn’t ignore her and and the 80’s woman embraced the power of the shoulder pad – do you remember Dynasty?

Will Nicola like this analogy? I doubt it but it’s allowed me some wry fashion research!

I will be sharing these thoughts with my City & Guilds students as part of their background fashion research. If you would like to know more about how historical, cultural and contemporary events influence fashion why not sign up for the course.