Couture is such a scary word but you can sew ‘couture’.

I’ve been pondering this particular word. It’s important to me but I can see how it could alienate sewers with thoughts of complex techniques, expensive fabrics and the misty world of haute couture.

I thought I would try and pin it down so had a look in The Oxford English Dictionary which gives definition of ‘the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements’.

That’s it! it’s what you and I do all the time and the ethos of Jane White Tuition – we take body measurements, we consider body shape and what styles will make us look fabulous, we create design ideas and turn garment patterns (sometimes adapting a commercial pattern, sometimes using a personal block) into clothes sewn to the highest standard we can, learning new skills all the time creating garments with stylish individuality and a fantastic fit. So you see you too can be a couture sewer!

I admit it doesn’t happen over night but with good basic skills in place you will confidently and creatively build a portfolio of ideas and skills taking your garment construction to the next level adding in couture techniques, some as simple as sewing on a button the ‘couture’ way, to more complex Hong Kong binding raw edges, hand stitching linings and even a ‘Chanel’ style jacket.

Come along to a class and find your own couture.