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Which machine is best for me is a question I am always happy to help with. I hope my baby lock overlocker and combination machine review will help or just get in touch.

Our dedicated baby lock site has a comprehensive run down of each model and specifications.

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Why baby lock? I was invited to teach at The Great British Sewing Bee Live in 2017. In preparation for for my jersey/overlocker workshops I went for a days training with baby lock Educator, the fabulous Jan.  The  brand was a revelation!

I’m now hooked on these fabulous machines!

Baby lock have 4 overlockers, 2 cover stitch and three combination overlocker/cover stitch models in the current range. There is a machine for every level of sewer (and purse). Don’t forget the unique Sashiko machine.

Baby lock machines are used by hobby dressmakers, crafters, textile artists, small scale designer/makers and costume makers because of their ease of use, versatility and reliability.


baby lock ExtraorinAir threading system - press the button and air-thread the loopersFeatures

All overlockers and combination overlocker/coverstitch machines offer 3 and 4 thread overlocking. Narrow and rolled hem and 2 thread flatlocking are standard.

All models of overlocker have built-in needle threaders.

The Acclaim and the combination Gloria air-thread the needles – an industry first and exclusive to baby lock.

Jet-Air, ExtraorinAir or RevolutionAir looper threading is featured on all models. It’s so easy – just pop the looper threads in a threading port, press the button or lever and whoosh, the threads are through the loopers!

The closed tube looper system eliminated tangled and broken threads.

The differential feed allowance complete control of the feed dogs and eliminates wavy edges or puckered overlocking.

A clear, comprehensive and easy to follow instruction manual.

Baby locks easy to use optional presser feet are easy to use and give a professional finish.

Here’s my run down on the baby lock range.

baby lock Enspire overlocker

Starting the overlocker range with the ENSPIRE – ‘small but mighty’!

The Jet-Air threading system (developed by baby lock in 1993) for easy looper threading – no threading nightmares. No battling the loopers. No snapping looper threads. Just a push of a lever and swoosh, the looper threads are through!

With a needle threader manual tension dials for stitch balance fine tuning, this fantastic machine punches well above its size and price.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website


The VICTORY is the first in the overlocker range to offer not only Jet-Air threading but the revolutionary Automatic Thread Delivery systembaby lock Victory overlocker - new to the range with Jet-air looper threading

With the Jet-Air threading and stitch selection specifications of the Enspire, the Victory’s Automatic Thread Delivery System (developed and patented by baby lock in 2004) automatically adjusts to the stitch width and stitch length to the thickness of the fabric.A game changer in overlocker development.

The jet-air looper threading automatic thread delivery systems, needle threader and LED light make this machines a breeze to use use.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website


The ENLIGHTEN overlocker offers ExtraordinAir threading – press the button and air-thread both loopers together!baby lock wave stitch feature

The wave stitch option in addition to the automatic thread delivery system and needles threaders means you can create fabulous decorative detail at the push of a switch.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website

The baby lock ACCLAIM overlocker introduces the RevolutionAir Threading System of air self-threading loopers AND needles!baby lock Acclaim air-threads the needles as well as the loopers!

New to the market, the Acclaim adds air threading for the needles – an industry first and unique to baby lock.

With the extra height presser foot lift of 6mm the Acclaim tackles your sewing projects with ease.

Add the additional throat space and LED lighting and you have one of the easiest machine to use on the market today.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website


The baby lock COVER STITCH machine gives a professional hem but so much more ….

One needle/one looper chain stitch option for seams, tacking and decoration.

Two and three thread coverstitch for hemming.

Add on optional accessories for belt loops, taping, turn under and hemming, adding bias binding, pin tucks and more and you have a machine that goes above and beyond just hemming! 

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website 



The Euphoria cover stitch machine – automatic needle thread tension, wide throat and built-in needle threader all industry firsts!

So much demand, the Euphoria sold out within a couple of days of its launch in August 2020.

Taking cover stitching to a new level, the baby lock Euphoria comes with a host of new features. The wide throat (as seen on the Ovation and Gloria) stitches bigger projects with ease.

With a whoosh of air and the looper is threaded by theExtraOrdinair jet-air chain looper threading!

baby lock’s patented automatic thread delivery system (tension) delivers a perfectly baby lock Euphoria automatic thread delivery systembalanced stitch to all 3 needles.

Needle thread fine adjustment dial.

Built in manual needle threader for all needles – an industry first for a stand alone cover stitch machine.

baby lock Euphoria built in needle threaderErgonomic cover stitch table.

Knee lift for precision placement.

Chain stitch.

Double and triple cover stitch.

Differential feed.

Stitch length dial.

Chaining lock Euphoria differential feed

Foot pressure control.

Add baby lock’s easy to use accessories for industry level stitching.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website

I had found other makes of combination overlocker/cover stitch machines complex but the ‘easy to switch’ baby lock combination overlocker/cover stitch range has blown this this away! Jane

Baby lock’s overlocker/cover stitch machines can be either an overlocker or a cover stitch machine. Combining the capabilities of the two machines adds a chain stitch safety seam to three or four thread overlocking.

Achieve an industry standard finish whether you are a hobby sewer or small scale designer/maker.

Air-threading and the Automatic Thread Delivery System is standard across the range.

The DESIRE3 combination overlocker/coverstitch machine is compact but with big featuresBaby lock Desire3 coverlock

This model’s three and four thread overlocking, two thread flatlock, stand alone chain stitch and three thread overlocker/chain stitch safety seam makes  a versatile machine.

Add the optional additional feet turns the Desire3 into a workroom essential.

For lots more information and prices just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website

baby evolution coverlock machine

The OVATION combination overlocker/coverstitch machine is the first in the range to offer you a knee lift and wider throat space for larger projects.


With the addition of a decorative wave stitch, sewing with up to 8 thread combination sewing, a knee lift, central presser foot leaver, speed control slider, LED light and wide throat the Ovation is truly a magnificent machine for professional and hobby sewers alike.

For lots more information  just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website

The top specification GLORIA combination overlocker/cover stitch machines adds to the specifications of the Ovation with the RevolutionAir Needle Threader – an industry first!

baby lock Gloria coverlock machine


For those of you who want a coverlock machine with easy to thread needles this one is the machine for you. The thread is  pulled through the eye of the needle with a shot of air!

Go from 2 thread flat locking or 8 thread combination sewing.

For lots more information just get in touch go to our dedicated baby lock website

baby lock accessories take your sewing to the next level and beyondbaby lock specialist feet

Whether it’s gathering, binding, applying elastic or lace, piping or turning up a perfectly even hem, baby lock’s range of easy to use optional extra accessories take your machine above and beyond.

With a build quality we think is second to none, baby lock are so confident in their product they offer a two year warranty that can be extended to four!

All machines are supplied with an introductory tutorial by Jane at the studio and ongoing support.

Jane has introduced a range of baby lock specific Sew Short Courses alongside her overlocker and jersey workshops.

If you would like to know more about the baby lock special offers or book a one-to-one no obligation demonstration either in person or in the current virtually, please contact us, it’s always a pleasure to show how wonderful these machines are.

The full range of machines and accessories can be viewed at our sister site