The four minute dress? Susie makes the four hour wrap dress with Jane!

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The four minute dress? Susie makes the four hour wrap dress with Jane!

The Four Minute Dress

The amazing Ugandan fashion designer, Latif Madoi, can cut out and sew a fabulous dress for ANY woman of ANY size in just 4 minutes.  In fact, he’s got it down to such a fine art he now performs on a stage and will run up between 15-20 dress, how fabulous is that ?!  Catch him here at

Back in the real world of The Beginner Sewist

We’ve all read the pattern envelope that says “Just 2 hours” and even “1 Hour Dress” but we all know that’s rarely the case.  Even the most experienced sewing mavens have head scratching moments, trying to translate the supposed “easy” instructions.

Recently, I made a beautiful belted cape but it took 8 hours because the instructions just plain got in the way “urrrgh”!  In fact, if I’d taken the instructions away, I truly believe the whole process would have halved.

The four-hour dress v The four minute dress!

Well, I’ve got some fabulous news for fellow beginner Fashionista Sewists!  There does exist a dress pattern that you can rustle up in under 4 hours. That’s a true 4 hours, including pattern matching and sewing.

No adjustments need to be made for most sizes and heights (petite and plus size catered for) and it will make you look at least a size smaller.  Yes, it’s a miracle dress pattern.  The pattern truly reminds me a little bit of McCall’s NY Collection 2878.

The dress itself brings you in at the waist but hides all of the little bits we don’t want.  It’s feminine, timeless and ageless.   If you fell in love with the romantic hitched, balloon look dresses of Vivienne Westwood and those of the old All Saints boutique shop, then you’re going to love this dress.

A day with Jane

Having spent a day with Jane White of Jane White Couture up in Barton upon Humber, I came away with my version of what I call a Vivienne Westwood inspired Belted Wrap Dress.  I chose a gorgeous Purple and Grey tartan from that fabulous Jaylaurs shop in Brigg.

It’s just 3 metres of fabric, 150cm wide.  With two holes for the arms and hitching, plus a belt.  The way Jane taught this dress will blow your mind, you don’t sew this gorgeous dress in the ordinary order of sewing, which just cuts out soo much time!

Once you’ve made one, you will start to see the real potential of this Wrap Dress pattern.  Use a pinstripe wool and you’ve got a great work dress.  Pick out an off white taffeta and you could have a very beautiful 50s wedding dress, in under 4 hours!

I can see other possibilities for the four hour dress

It’s even suitable for a costume, if you love Cosplay patterns, this dress could be your starting point and save your sewing life.  The possibilities of this pattern are truly endless.

Make this fabulous wrap dress with Jane White, I guarantee it will change your life!



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Susie is a new sewer who loves creating quirky clothes and collecting designer vintage sewing patterns.

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